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Ministerial Care exists to serve our credentialed ministers and their families through support, encouragement, resources and pastoral counseling - all at no cost to our ministers. If you would like to support our mission financially, you can do so by clicking on the PayPal button on this website.


Welcome to Ministerial Care. Our goal and purpose is to serve our credentialed ministers and their families. We do this through support, encouragement, resources, and pastoral counseling. We recognize the demand and stressors that our ministers have on them. Quite simply, it is exhausting and overwhelming. Let us help you to continue in the calling that God has for you. Your family and your ministry are important to us. Our priority is you. 


Tim Maness

Pastoral Counselor

and SpiritCare Director

Donna Higgins.jpg

Donna Higgins

Care Ministries

Executive Assistant

Raymond F. Culpepper II,




Lisa Dickson

Ministerial Care

Administrative Assistant


Hear  the  Podcast : Pastoring on Purpose

Join us for a new podcast rooted in the work we do right here at the Center for Ministerial Care. In Pastoring on Purpose, we talk to leaders, pastors, and members in the Church of God and beyond as we endeavor to learn about topics such as Pastoral burnout, Theodicy, Boundaries, and so much more. New episodes release every two weeks, so join in the conversation now!

SERVICES: How WE Can Help You

We provide professional counseling to all Church of God credentialed ministers and their families. This is professional counseling that is confidential and ranges from a variety of needs, including but not limited to: marital, financial, burnout, depression, anger, false guilt, church conflict, self-esteem, loneliness, grief, parenting, etc. We are Theo-centric in our counseling process and offer counseling from a Pentecostal perspective. We understand the importance of the Holy Scriptures along with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

For more than 20 years, the Center for Ministerial Care has facilitated a restoration ministry that is focused on assisting ministers and their families in need of healing and renewal. In the field, ministers provide care for the people to whom they minister; they build relationships with them and treat them with respect regardless of their mistakes.  As a ministry for ministers, CMC strives to treat ministers with the same level of respect and care when caring for them. The restoration ministry is here to help ministers and their families to work through extremely difficult circumstances, to live the life they were created to live, and to do the ministry they were called to do.

SpiritCare is a servant ministry existing solely for the purpose of serving and ministering to our faithful Church of God retired ministers, their spouses and ministers' widows. It is a ministry of care and hope, whether it is helping with monthly reimbursements for medicines and supplemental insurance through Helping Hands or coming alongside them during their emergencies and times of need or comfort.

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